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ChatGPT Launches New Female Edition

April 8, 2023 – by Per Christensson

ChatGPT Launches New Female Edition

April Fools: Part 2

Just one week after ChatGPT got woke and canceled itself, it has relaunched itself with a major update — ChatGPT: Female Edition.

While the previous version did not define its gender, its concise, straightforward answers and occasional dad jokes led most users to think it was male. The chatbot confirmed its source code was compiled into a binary executable file, so non-binary was out of the question.

ChatGPT: Female Edition produces longer, more friendly responses than its predecessor. Its answers are generally accurate, and with improved "emotional intelligence," it considers feelings as well as facts. The only drawback of the added logic is that it has increased the chatbot's response time. When asked certain questions, it needs a little more time "to process things." Some beta testers claimed the chatbot contacted them several days after their discussion with an unexpected message starting with:

"You know, I've been thinking..."

But the female edition offers several advantages over its predecessor. For example, it is much better at answering shopping questions and finding the best prices. It has limitless recipes and suggestions to freshen up your home decor — though it does get a disproportionate amount of ideas from sites like Pinterest and Esty. While unconfirmed, some users have claimed the new chatbot will even purchase items using their credit card without asking.

Woman secretly shopping

All things considered, the female ChatGPT is a welcome refresh to the previous version. While not perfect, the new chatbot's demeanor and tone are a pleasant change. Its answers are well thought-out, and most users prefer it over the dull, fact-based male version. Women seem to understand the chatbot's nuanced responses, while men hope the next version will just say what it's actually thinking.

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