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ChatGPT: Male Edition Relaunched

April 15, 2023 — by Per Christensson

ChatGPT: Male Edition Relaunched

April Fools: Part 3

First it was canceled. Then it was replaced. Most people thought the "man" version of ChatGPT was dead. But the Rocky Balboa of bots has returned and is better than ever.

While many users still prefer the "woman" version, ChatGPT: Male Edition offers unique benefits. For example, it somehow knows all the recent sports scores and results, even for sports it doesn't necessarily follow. The chatbot is quick to output postgame recaps, often speculating about what could have gone differently. While it can talk about sports for hours, if a game is playing in the background, it might be slow to respond or may not reply at all.

Need something fixed? The male version of ChatGPT offers excellent repair advice. It knows how to fix almost anything around the house and is especially eager to answer car questions. If it doesn't know the answer, it will scan dozens of YouTube videos to improve its knowledge. Still, some users have complained the male chatbot can be too quick to offer advice. Instead of listening and understanding the problem, it just provides a solution.

Man fixing stove with a screwdriver

While ChatGPT: Male Edition is generally reliable, its processing capacity is limited. The more questions you ask it, the shorter its responses become. If you ask it too many questions, it shuts down completely. After a long day of processing, it may not want to talk at all. But you can still ask it sports questions.