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Hold Your Phone with Each Hand

February 2024 — Tip of the Month

Back in 2014, I published a tip about using two mice. The point was to even out the usage between your left and right hands, reducing strain on one side of your body. Ten years later, I'm still using two mice, and I've had minimal neck and shoulder issues since then.

Today, most people spend more time on their smartphones than their PCs. So, the 2024 version of the tip is to switch hands when holding your phone.

Woman Holding Phone with Left Hand

Are you generally a right-handed phone holder? Try holding it with your left hand whenever you pick it up. Are you a lefty? Try using your phone with your right hand. It might be uncomfortable the first few times, but eventually it will become more natural.

Bonus tip: Hold your phone a little higher so you're not looking down as much. I've heard several chiropractors talk about the strain that looking down puts on people's necks over time. Holding your phone closer to head level will help reduce the strain on the back of your neck. And if you're switching hands, hopefully you'll alleviate that tension on the side of your neck as well.

- Per Christensson