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Don't Use an Ad Blocker

June 2024 — Tip of the Month

In a recent conversation with friends, I was surprised to learn how many of them used ad blockers. Some had good reasons, such as preventing their children from seeing unknown advertisements. Others just blocked ads because they were annoying.

While it might be tempting to jump on the ad-blocking train, here are a five reasons why you shouldn't use an ad blocker:

  1. Most websites rely on advertising revenue to provide free content. An ad blocker limits a website's ability to generate income, which impacts the quality of content the website owner can offer. Without advertising revenue, websites may be forced to implement paywalls or subscription fees, limiting access to valuable information and entertainment.
  2. Blocking ads negatively impacts the online ecosystem by disrupting the balance between advertisers, content creators, and users. Content creators lose out on potential revenue, which can stifle innovation and creativity in online content. Only the largest and most well-funded websites are able to survive, limiting diversity and choice for internet users.
  3. Ad blockers may have unintended consequences, such as interfering with website functionality and blocking legitimate content. In some cases, ad blocking browser extensions may compromise the security of a website by blocking essential scripts.
  4. The more people use ad blockers, the more ads show up in other places, such as software applications, YouTube videos, and streaming media. It's no surprise that companies like Netflix and Amazon now include ad-supported options with their video services.
  5. Ads can be good! I've found that targeted ads improve my internet experience since they inform me about things that interest me. Whether it's clothing, furniture, golf clubs, or vacation destinations, I've discovered several new things from targeted ads.

Ad blockers may seem innocuous, but they can have far-reaching implications. So avoid blocking ads unless you have a good reason to do so. And remember to allow targeted advertising so you get ads that are relevant to you.

- Per Christensson