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What is the difference between the Xfinity XB7-T and XB8-T routers?

Answer: The Xfinity XB7-T and XB8-T modem/routers look pretty similar. They are both white towers with two telephone jacks and four Ethernet ports. The XB8 is slightly larger, with a rounded top and a USB-C port on the back.

Front View

Xfinity XB7-T and XB8-T Front View

Rear View

Xfinity XB7-T and XB8-T Rear View


After upgrading to the XB8-T, I noticed two significant improvements:

  1. Better wireless range
  2. Faster upload speeds

With the XB7, my iPhone 13 and 15 Pro would struggle to maintain a Wi-Fi connection in my living room, which is one floor lower and on the other side of the house — roughly 100 ft away. The Wi-Fi signal would often cut out completely when I stepped into the backyard.

With the XB8, my phone maintains 2 out of 3 Wi-Fi bars and never loses the signal. I just walked into the backyard, and it showed 3 out of 3 bars. Checking the Xfinity app confirms the iPhone 15 is now operating on Wi-Fi 6, which explains the reason for the range improvement.

Xfinity App iPhone 15 Connection

Just as exciting is that my upload speed increased 5x. The download rate stayed at an impressive 1400+ Mbps, but the upload speed jumped from 42 Mbps to 216 Mbps. That's a massive boost for my online backups and server uploads.

iPhone 15 Pro Xfinity Speed Test via XB8-T

The XB7 is an excellent modem/router combo device that functioned reliably for me for the past three years. However, the XB8 significantly improves the Wi-Fi range and upload speeds, making it a worthwhile upgrade.

Published: November 25, 2023 — by Per Christensson

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