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(ap) Airplane
(a) Angel
:-@ Angry
:@ Angry
(au) Auto
8o| Baring Teeth
(brb) Be Right Back
(b) Beer Mug
(^) Birthday Cake
(bah) Black Sheep
(||) Bowl
(z) Boy
(U) Broken Heart
(p) Camera
(@) Cat Face
(o) Clock
(C) Coffee Cup
(co) Computer
:-S Confused
:s Confused
:'( Crying
(6) Devil
:| Disappointed
:-| Disappointed
(&) Dog Face
(E) E-mail
:$ Embarrassed
8-) Eye-Rolling
(~) Filmstrip
(yn) Fingers Crossed
(g) Gift With A Bow
(x) Girl
(nah) Goat
(h5) High Five
:-\ Hmmm
(h) Hot
:^) I Do Not Know
(ip) Island With A Palm Tree
({) Left Hug
(i) Light Bulb
(li) Lightning
:-# Lips Are Sealed
(d) Martini Glass
(mp) Mobile Phone
(mo) Money
(m) MSN Messenger
8-| Nerd
(8) Note
:d Open-Mouthed Smile
:-D Open-Mouthed Smile
(pi) Pizza
(pl) Plate
('.') Rabbit
(l) Red Heart
(k) Red Lips
(f) Red Rose
(}) Right Hug
:-( Sad
:( Sad
^o) Sarcastic
:-* Secret Telling
+o( Sick
(s) Sleeping Half-Moon
|-) Sleepy
:-) Smile
:) Smile
(sn) Snail
(so) Soccer Ball
(*) Star
:P Sticking Tongue Out
:-P Sticking Tongue Out
(st) Stormy Cloud
(#) Sunshine
:-O Surprised
:o Surprised
(t) Telephone Receiver
*-) Thinking
(n) Thumbs Down
(y) Thumbs Up
(tu) Turtle
(um) Umbrella
:[ Vampire Bat
:-[ Vampire Bat
(w) Wilted Rose
;) Winking
;-) Winking
(xx) Xbox

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