File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "F"

.f Fortran Source Code
.f Freeze Compressed File
.f2r Farandole Linear Module
.f32 Raw 32-Bit Audio File
.f3r Farandole Blocked Module
.f4v Flash MP4 Video File
.f64 Raw 64-Bit Audio File
.f90 Fortran 90 Source Code File
.fa FASTA Formatted Sequence File
.fac FACE Image File
.face FACE Graphic File
.fal Bitmap Graphic Header Information
.faq Frequently Asked Questions Document
.far Farandole Composer Module
.far The Sims Archive File
.fas Compiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File
.fas QuickSilver Fast Save Lisp File
.fasta FASTA Sequence File
.fax Fax Document
.fb2 FictionBook 2.0 File
.fbc Family Tree Maker for DOS Backup File
.fbf Free Backup Fix Backup File
.fbk Microsoft Dynamics NAV Backup File
.fbk Family Tree Maker for Windows Backup File
.fbl CADfix Command Level Log File
.fbm Fuzzy Bitmap Image
.fbp wxFormBuilder Project
.fbr FlashBack Screen Recording
.fbu FEBE Firefox Backup File
.fbx Autodesk FBX Interchange File
.fbz FlashBack Screen Recorder Movie
.fc2 Poser Face Pose File
.fc2map Far Cry 2 User Map
.fcc Forms Credential Collector File
.fcd First Choice Database
.fcd Virtual CD Format
.fcd FastCAD DOS Drawing
.fcp Final Cut Project
.fcs First Choice Spreadsheet
.fcw FastCAD Windows Drawing
.fcz Compressed Poser Face Pose File
.fd DataFlex Data File
.fd2 PictureMate Borders File
.fdb Portfolio Catalog
.fdb Art Explosion Catalog
.fdb Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database File
.fdf Acrobat Forms Data Format
.fdi Amiga Formatted Disk Image
.fdm Exchange Forms Designer Form Message
.fdp MySafe Encrypted Data
.fdr Final Draft Document
.fdr Windows Error Report File
.fds Final Draft Secure Copy
.fdx Final Draft Document
.fes Fileless Occurrence Placeholder
.fev FLAMES Environment Variable File
.ff Call of Duty 4 Fast File
.ffa Find Fast Status File
.ffd Flat File Descriptor
.fff Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank
.ffil Mac Font Suitcase
.ffl Find Fast Document List
.ffo Find Fast Document Properties Cache
.ffwp FormsForWeb Packet
.ffx Microsoft Find Fast Index
.fgl Fifth Generation Language Source File
.fh9 FreeHand 9 Drawing File
.fhc FHC Data File
.fhd FreeHand Drawing File
.fic WinDev Hyper File Database
.fid File Expander Engine Descriptions Database
.fig Xfig Drawing
.fil ACL Database Table
.fil Symbian Application Logo File
.file Generic File
.fits Flexible Image Transport System File
.fky FoxPro Macro
.fla Animate Animation
.flac Free Lossless Audio Codec File
.flame Fractal Flames File
.flc FLIC Animation
.flf Microsoft Dynamics NAV License File
.flh FLIC Animation File
.fli FLIC Animation
.fll FoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
.flo iGrafx FlowCharter File
.flo RFFlow Flowchart File
.flp Flash Project
.flp FL Studio Project
.flp ActivPrimary Flipchart File
.flp Floppy Disk Image
.flr Flare Decompiled ActionScript File
.fls ArcView GIS Windows Help Supporting File
.fls Flash Lite Sound Bundle
.flt Graphics Filter
.flt Adobe Audition Filter
.flt Flight Simulator Saved Flight
.flv Flash Video
.flx FLIC Animation
.flx FelixCAD Drawing
.fm FileMaker Database
.fm FrameMaker Document
.fm5 FileMaker 5 Database
.fml WWE RAW Character File
.fmp FileMaker Pro Database
.fmp 123 Flash Menu Project
.fmt FoxPro Format File
.fmx FileMaker Plug-in
.fnc QuickCAM 3D CNC File
.fnc Frogans Player Network Certificate
.fnt Windows Font File
.fo XSL-FO Form
.fob Dynamics NAV Object Container File
.fon Windows Font Library
.fop InfoZoom Protected Data File
.for Fortran 77 Source File
.forge Ubisoft Game Data File
.fox InfoZoom Data File
.fp FileMaker Pro Spreadsheet
.fp3 FileMaker Pro 3 Database
.fp3 FloorPlan 3D Design File
.fp4 FileMaker Pro 4 Database
.fp5 FileMaker Pro 5 Database
.fp7 FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
.fpa Front Panel Encrypted Order File
.fpbf Mac OS X Burn Folder
.fpd Front Panel Designer Project
.fpenc FileProtect Encrypted File
.fpf IKEA Home Planner File
.fpfv File Protected From Virus
.fpi FPS Creator Intelligence Script
.fpk JetForm FormFlow File
.fpm FPS Creator Map File
.fpp Fortran Source Code
.fpp Front Panel Project
.fpsl FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
.fpt FileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.fpt FoxPro Table Memo
.fpx FlashPix Bitmap Image File
.framework Mac OS X Application Framework
.frc FS Recorder File
.frk Macintosh Resource or Data Fork
.frl Electronic Form Loader File
.frm Form File
.frm ADLForms Form
.frm Visual Basic Text Form
.frm MySQL Database Format File
.fro dBASE IV Compiled Report
.frs Flash Renamer Script
.frt FoxPro Report Memo
.frx FoxPro Report
.frx Visual Basic Binary Form File
.frz Locked FormFlow File
.fs FlexiSIGN Document
.fs Mac OS X File System Plug-in
.fs2 FreeSpace 2 Mission Definition
.fsb FMOD Sample Bank File
.fsc Practical Scriptwriter File
.fsm Farandole Composer WaveSample
.fsm FreeSpace Mission Definition
.fsm Splitty Master Split File
.fsproj FireStarter Project File
.fss Splitty Data Split File
.fst Crazy Machines 2 Object File
.ftg Full Text Group
.fti FamiTracker Instrument File
.ftil e-Hastakshar Contract Note
.ftm Family Tree Maker for DOS File
.ftm FamiTracker Module
.ftploc FTP Location
.fts Windows Help Full Text Search Index
.ftw Family Tree Maker File
.ful Microsoft Backup File List
.fw Firmware Update
.fwt FacetWin Configuration File
.fxb FX Bank File
.fxc FilePackager Configuration
.fxf BigFix Action File
.fxg Flash XML Graphics File
.fxp FoxPro Compiled Program
.fxp FX Preset
.fxt Finale Plug-in
.fzb Casio FZ-1 Sound Bank Dump
.fzf Casio FZ-1 Full Voice Dump
.fzip Foxit Reader Add-on
.fzv Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump