File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "G"

.g BRL-CAD Geometry File
.g721 G.721 Audio File
.g723 G.723 Audio File
.g726 G.726 Audio File
.gadget Windows Gadget
.gam Saved Game File
.game Apple Chess Saved Game
.gan GanttProject Project File
.gau Flight Simulator Gauge File
.gb Game Boy ROM File
.gb1 Game Maker Backup File
.gba Game Boy Advance ROM
.gbc Game Boy Color ROM
.gbi gBurner Project File
.gbr Gerber File
.gbx Gerber PCB File
.gc GraphClick File
.gca GCA File Archive
.gcd Prassi CD Image
.gcd Generic CADD Drawing File
.gcf Game Cache File
.gci GameCube Save File
.gcm GameCube ROM
.gcs GameCube SharkSave File
.gcw Microsoft Mathematics Worksheet
.gcx Grapher Graph File
.gdb InterBase Database File
.gdr Symbian OS Font File
.gds Graphic Data System File
.ged GEDCOM Genealogy Data File
.ged Game Editor Project File
.gedcom GEDCOM Genealogy File
.gem Ventura Publisher Document
.gem GEM Metafile
.gem RubyGems Package
.gen ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file
.geo VRML Geography File
.gfb GIFBlast Compressed Image File
.gfp GreenForce-Player Protected Media File
.gg Google Desktop Gadget File
.ggb GeoGebra Document
.gho Norton Ghost Backup File
.ghs Norton Ghost Image Segment
.gi Global Image
.gid Windows Help Global Index File
.gif Graphical Interchange Format File
.gig Tascam GigaSampler File
.gio Adagio Score
.gio Nyquist MIDI File
.gkh Ensoniq EPS Family Disk Image
.gks Graphics Kernel System File
.gl GRASP Animation
.glade Glade Project File
.global Global Makefile
.gls GLScript Game Script
.gly Word Glossary File
.gm6 GameMaker 6 Project File
.gmd Game Maker Program Code
.gmf Geology Multi-File
.gmk Game Maker Project File
.gml Geography Markup Language File
.gmo GNU Machine Object File
.gms Gesture and Motion Signal File
.gmv Gens Game Recording
.gne Flickr Web Page
.gnp GNPeak Output File
.gorm Gorm Interface Resource File
.gp3 Guitar Pro 3 File
.gp4 CCITT Group 4 Fax File
.gp4 Guitar Pro 4 Tablature
.gp5 Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File
.gpd Graphic PhotoDefiner Image File
.gpe GP2X Video Game
.gpg GNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring
.gpk WaveLab Audio Peak File
.gpn GlidePlan Map Document
.gpu GP2X Utility Program
.gpx GPS Exchange File
.gra Microsoft Graph File
.grade GradeStat Document
.graffle OmniGraffle Drawing
.grasp GRASP Animation
.grb GRIB Meteorological Data File
.grf Generic Graph File
.grf DPlot Graph File
.grf Ragnarok Client Archive
.grib Gridded Binary File
.grk Gradekeeper Class Gradebook File
.grl Windows Update Status File
.grn Granny 3D File
.gro Graphic Object Bitmap
.grob Graphic Object Bitmap File
.growlregdict Growl Temp File
.growlticket Growl Notification File
.grp Windows Program Manager Group
.grp StarCraft Graphics Group File
.grr Gradekeeper Class Roster File
.gry Grayscale Image
.gs GemStone Document
.gs3 GameStarter File
.gsd Graphtec Vector Graphics File
.gsd General Station Description File
.gsm Global System for Mobile Audio File
.gsm US Robotics GSM Audio File
.gsm Graphic Description Language File
.gst MapInfo Geoset File
.gthr Gather Log File
.gtp Guitar Pro File
.gv Graphviz DOT File
.gvi Google Video File
.gvp Google Video Pointer
.gwk GraphiCode PCB Job File
.gws GeoMedia GeoWorkspace File
.gxc General CADD Pro Component
.gxd General CADD Pro Drawing
.gxl Graph Exchange Language File
.gz Gnu Zipped Archive
.gzi Unix Gzip File
.gzip Gnu Zipped File