File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "I"

.i INTERCAL Source File
.i Visual Studio Intermediate File
.i00 DVD Shrink Part 1 File
.i01 DVD Shrink Part 2 File
.i02 DVD Shrink Part 3 File
.i5z IUCLID 5 Import/Export File
.iam Inventor Assembly
.ib InterBase Database
.ibooks Multi-Touch iBook
.ibp IsoBuster Managed Image Information File
.ibq IsoBuster Managed Image File
.ibt Texture and Model File
.ic1 Low Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.ic2 Medium Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.ic3 High Resolution Imagic Graphics File
.ica Image Object Content Architecture File
.ica Citrix ICA File
.icb Targa ICB Bitmap Image
.icc ICC Profile
.icd Installable Client Driver File
.icd SafeDisc Encrypted Program
.ice ICE Compressed Archive
.icl Windows Icon Library File
.icm Image Color Matching Profile
.icn Windows Icon File
.icns macOS Icon Resource
.ico Icon File
.icon Icon Image
.iconpackage IconPackager Theme File
.icontainer CandyBar iContainer File
.ics Calendar File
.ics IC Recorder Sound File
.ics IronCAD 3D Scene
.icursorfx iCursor Effect File
.id Lotus Notes User ID File
.idb Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.idc Internet Database Connector File
.idf MIDI Instrument Definition File
.idlk Adobe InDesign Lock File
.idw Inventor Drawing
.idx Index File
.idx HMI Historical Log Index File
.idx Outlook Express Mailbox Index File
.idx Navigation POI File
.idx0 Runescape Cache Index File
.idx255 Runescape Cache File
.ifc Industry Foundation Classes File
.iff Interchange File Format
.ifo DVD-Video Disc Information File
.igc Anime List Builder Input File
.iges IGES Drawing
.igr Quest3D Channel Group Layout File
.igs IGES Drawing
.ihw IN-HEH Timeline Workspace
.ihx IN-HEH Timeline Database
.iif Intuit Interchange Format File
.iil CleanSweep Installation Log
.iim iMacro Macro File
.iip ThinAnywhere Configuration File
.iix Translation Memory Index File
.ilbm Interleaved Bitmap Image
.ildoc QuickSilver Document
.ima Disk Image
.ima Sage ACT! Email Message
.image Apple Disk Image
.imapmbox IMAP Mailbox
.img Macintosh Disk Image
.img Disc Image Data File
.imj JFIF Bitmap Image
.iml ACT! Internet Mail Message
.iml IntelliJ IDEA Module
.imovieproj iMovie Project File
.imovieproject iMovie Project
.imt My Time Data File
.imy iMelody Ringtone File
.imz WinImage Compressed Disk Image
.in Spyware File
.inc Include File
.ind Adobe InDesign Document
.ind Memory Stick Formatting File
.indd Adobe InDesign Document
.indt Adobe InDesign Template
.inetloc Internet Location
.inf Setup Information File
.info ZoomBrowser Image Index File
.ing MasterCook Ingredients File
.ini Windows Initialization File
.ini Gravis UltraSound Bank Setup File
.ini Symbian OS Configuration File
.ink Pantone Reference File
.ink Mimio Notebook
.ink Pocket PC Handwritten Note
.inm FaxMaster Document
.inp Abaqus Input File
.ins Internet Naming Service File
.ins Ensoniq Instrument
.ins Sample Cell II Instrument Definition File
.ins Inspiration File
.int SGI Integer Image
.inx Compiled Script
.inx Adobe InDesign Interchange File
.ion File Description File
.ip IconPackager Theme File
.ipa iOS Application
.ipd BlackBerry Backup File
.ipf SMS Installer Script
.ipf OS/2 Help File
.ipf Interchangeable Preservation File
.ipg iPod Game File
.ipk Itsy Package
.ipn Inventor Presentation
.ips Internal Patching System Patch File
.ipsw iPod and iPhone Software Update File
.ipt Inventor Part
.iptheme IconPackager Raw Theme File
.iqy Internet Query
.irock intelliRock Sensor Data File
.irr Brewer Lamp File
.irx Brewer Irradiation File
.isc Xilinx Device Configuration File
.isf Inspiration Flowchart Document
.ish ISH Compressed Archive
.isn Installer Source File
.iso Disc Image File
.isp IIS Internet Service Provider Settings
.isr GoMoku Game File
.iss InstallShield Silent Response File
.isu InstallShield Uninstaller Script
.isz Zipped ISO Disk Image
.it Impulse Tracker Module
.itc iTunes Cover Flow Data File
.itdb iTunes Database File
.ithmb iPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File
.iti Impulse Tracker Instrument
.itk ScummVM Game Data File
.itl iTunes Library File
.itls iTunes Live Stream URL
.itm iThink Model File
.itn TomTom Navigator Itinerary File
.its Internet Document Set
.its Impulse Tracker Sample
.itw InTouch With Database
.itx ITX Form Template
.iv2i Norton Ghost Incremental Virtual Volume Image
.iva Dementia.4207 Virus File
.iva Surveillance Video File
.ivf Indeo Video Format File
.ivr Image Worlds File
.ivr Internet Video Recording
.ivs Internet Streaming Video
.ivt Beyond 20/20 Table File
.ivt International Volleyball 2006 Data File
.iw Chain Engineering Database File
.iwd Call of Duty Game Data File
.iws InstallWatch Scan File
.iws IntelliJ IDEA Web Page
.ixa Ulead Disc Image format
.izz Isadora Media Control Project
.izzy Isadora Project