File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "N"

.n-gage N-Gage Application
.n3pmesh Knight Online 3D Mesh File
.n64 Nintendo 64 ROM File
.nap Napster Secured Music File
.nav Id Tech 3 Bot Navigation File
.nav MSN Application Extension File
.nav2 WinAVI Temporary Navigation File
.nb Mathematica Notebook
.nb7 NovaBACKUP Output File
.nbd NovaBACKUP File
.nbf Backup Now Archive
.nbf Nokia Backup File
.nbk NovaBACKUP Job File
.nbs Minecraft Note Block Studio File
.nbu Nokia Phone Backup File
.ncd Nero CoverDesigner File
.ncd NTI CD-Maker Disc Image
.ncf No Cache File
.nch Outlook Express Folder File
.nco Nero BackItUp File
.ncor Adobe Encore Project File
.nd QuickBooks Network Data File
.nd5 Renamed NDS File
.ndc Personal Communications Settings File
.ndf SQL Server Secondary Database File
.ndk Lotus Notes Design Elements File
.nds Nintendo DS Game ROM
.ndx dBASE Index File
.nef Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image
.neo NeoChrome Bitmap Image
.nes Nintendo (NES) ROM File
.net FileMaker Networking Module
.net netViz Project File
.neta Netica Binary File
.nff Neutral File Format
.nfi Dreambox Disc Image
.nfo System Information File
.nfo Warez Information File
.ngage N-Gage Game File
.nib Interface Builder User Interface File
.nick Outlook 2000 Nickname File
.nif Gamebryo Model File
.nitf National Imagery Transmission Format File
.njb Nikon Photo Index File
.nk2 Outlook 2002 Nickname File
.nki KONTAKT Instrument File
.nltrack NoLimits Roller Coaster Track File
.nmind NovaMind Mind Map File
.nn Nero CD File List
.nni ANNI Neural Network Investing File
.not Notation File
.notebook SMART Notebook File
.notes Memento Notes File
.now Readme File
.np Portfolio NetPublish File
.npl Nokia Playlist File
.npt Portfolio NetPublish Template
.nra Nero Audio Compilation
.nrg Nero CD/DVD Image File
.nri Nero ISO CD Compilation File
.nrs NovaBACKUP Restore Script
.nrt Nokia Ringtone
.nrw Nikon Raw Image
.ns2 Lotus Notes 2 Database
.ns3 Lotus Notes 3 Database
.ns4 Lotus Notes 4 Database
.nsa Nullsoft Streaming Audio File
.nsbca Nintendo DS Model Animation File
.nsbmd Nintendo DS Model File
.nsbtx Nintendo DS Model Texture File
.nsf NES Sound Format File
.nsf Lotus Notes Database
.nss Magentic Screensaver File
.nst NoiseTracker Module
.nsv Nullsoft Streaming Video File
.nt Windows NT Startup File
.ntc Camera Control Pro Custom Curves File
.ntf MediaFACE II CD Label
.nth Nokia Series 40 Theme File
.ntn NOTION Song File
.nts Lotus Notes Traveler Server Config File
.ntx Clipper Index File
.numbers Apple Numbers Spreadsheet
.nup Smart Security Update File
.nvc NeroVision Express Project File
.nvc Nikon Vignette Correction File
.nvl UniChem Results File
.nwc NoteWorthy Composer File
.nwctxt NoteWorthy Composer Text File
.nwm Sony NWM Display Screen File
.nwp Magentic Wallpaper File
.nwv Dragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive
.nxc Not eXactly C Source Code File
.nxg eSite Builder NXG Web Page
.ny Audacity Nyquist Plug-in
.nyf myBase Database File
.nzb NewzBin Usenet Index File