File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "S"

.s Source Code File
.s00 ZipSplitter Part 1 File
.s01 ZipSplitter Part 2 File
.s02 ZipSplitter Part 3 File
.s19 Motorola S19 File Record
.s3i Scream Tracker 3 Instrument
.s3m ScreamTracker 3 Module
.s5x Heritage of Kings: The Settlers Map File
.s7z Mac OS X 7-Zip File
.s85 Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
.sa9 Hue and Cry Photoshop Plug-in
.sab ACIS SAB Model
.sad Black & White Audio File
.saf Secure Audio File
.saf SafeText File
.saf Street Atlas USA Map File
.safetext SafeText File
.sam Ami Pro Document
.sam MOD Edit Sample File
.sar Saracen Paint Image
.sar Sibelius Arrange Style
.sar SAPCAR Archive
.sas SAS Program File
.sat ACIS SAT 3D Model
.sav Video Game Save File
.sav SPSS Data File
.save Nano Temporary Save File
.saveddeck Nokia Saved Web Page
.savedsearch Spotlight Saved Search
.saver Mac OS X Screen Saver
.sb Signed Byte Audio File
.sb Scratch Project File
.sbf SmartBroker Data
.sbi Sound Blaster Instrument
.sbk SWiSH Project Backup File
.sbk E-MU SoundFont Sound Bank
.sbk Scrapbook Factory File
.sbk Multimedia ToolBook System Book
.sbt SBT Subtitle File
.sc SuperCollider Source Code File
.sc2 Sample Cell II Instrument Definition
.sc4 SimCity 4 Saved File
.sca Norton AntiVirus Scan File
.sca Scala Script File
.scar SCAR Script
.scb Scala Published Script
.scc Scenarist Closed Caption File
.scd TurboTax Tax Schedule List
.scd Data Rescue Saved Scan File
.scf Windows Explorer Command
.scf DNA Sequence Chromatogram File
.scf SimTown Sounds File
.scg ColoRIX Image File
.sch EAGLE Schematics File
.sci ColoRIX Graphics Image
.scm StarCraft Map File
.scm ScreenCam Screen Recording
.scm Schema File
.scm Super Chain Media File
.scm GIMP Script-Fu Script
.scn SimCity 2000 Scenario
.scn Pinnacle Studio Scene File
.scp ColoRIX Bitmap Graphic File
.scpt AppleScript Script File
.scr Script File
.scr Windows Screensaver
.script Generic Script File
.sct Scitex Continuous Tone Image
.sct FoxPro Form Memo
.sct Windows Scriptlet
.scu ColoRIX Bitmap Image
.scv ScanVec CASmate Sign File
.scw Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
.scw Score Writer Document
.scx FoxPro Form
.scx Game Scenario File
.scx Microsoft Game Scenario File
.sd Sound Designer Audio File
.sd ESPS Sampled Data File
.sd2 Sound Designer II File
.sda StarOffice Drawing
.sdb Custom Application Compatibility Database
.sdb OpenOffice Base Database File
.sdb SAP2000 Model File
.sdb ServerBoss Database File
.sdb MonKey Office SQLite Database File
.sdb SocialDecks Blog File
.sdb SparkleDB Database File
.sdc Apache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.sdc Stardock Central Download Archive
.sdc Secure Download Cabinet
.sdd StarOffice Presentation
.sdf Standard Data File
.sdf SQL Server Compact Database File
.sdf Spatial Data Format File
.sdm Spatial Data Modeling Language File
.sdm StarOffice Mail Message
.sdn Shareware Distributors Network File
.sdp Session Description Protocol File
.sdr SmartDraw Drawing
.sds MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
.sds OpenOffice Chart
.sds SDS Apps Data File
.sdsk SafeHouse Private Storage Volume
.sdt SmartDraw Template File
.sdt Grand Theft Auto 3 Audio File
.sdw StarOffice Writer Text Document
.sdx Sample MIDI Dump Exchange
.se Shuttle Document
.sea Self-Extracting Archive
.sec PGP Secret Key Ring
.seed Linux Preseed File
.sef Encryptafile Signature File
.sen Scifer Internal Header Archive
.sen SenTest Data File
.seo SEO Note File
.seq DNA Sequence Text File
.seq PowerTracks Pro Audio Project File
.seq NorPix StreamPix Sequence
.ser GeneMapper Project File
.ses Audition Session (Legacy)
.set Settings File
.set Document Library Property Set File
.sew Home Embroidery Format
.sf IRCAM Sound File
.sf2 SoundFont 2 Sound Bank
.sfcache ReadyBoost Cache File
.sfd Sofdec Dreamcast Movie
.sff Structured Fax File
.sfk Sound Forge Pro Audio Peak File
.sfl Sound Forge Pro Sound Data File
.sfo CuteFTP Search File
.sfo PSP Game Parameters File
.sfs Squashfs File Archive
.sfv Simple File Verification File
.sfvidcap Sonic Foundry Video Capture File
.sfw Seattle FilmWorks Image
.sfx Windows Self-extracting Archive
.sgb Super Game Boy ROM File
.sgi Silicon Graphics Image
.sgm SGML File
.sgml Standard Generalized Markup Language File
.sh Bash Shell Script
.sh Unix Shell Archive
.sh3d Sweet Home 3D Design File
.sh3f Sweet Home 3D Model Library
.shar Unix Shar Archive
.shb Windows Document Shortcut
.shg Segmented Hyper-Graphic
.shk ShrinkIt Archive
.shn Shorten Compressed Audio File
.shortcut Asutype Shortcut
.shp Shapes File
.shp ESRI Shapefile
.shr Unix Shell Archive File
.shs Microsoft Scrap File
.sht HTML File with Server Side Includes
.shtm HTML Server Side Include File
.shtml Server Side Include HTML File
.shw Corel Presentation
.shx Shapefile Index File
.shx Motorola Flash Superfile
.shy ShyFile Encrypted File
.si Softimage Image File
.sib Sibelius Score
.sid MrSID Image
.sid SID Audio File
.sif Windows Setup Information File
.sig Signature File
.sig Broderbund Sign File
.sim Aurora Image
.simg Synclavier Disk Image File
.sims2pack Downloaded Sims 2 Package File
.sis Symbian Installation File
.sisx Symbian OS Installation File
.sit StuffIt Archive
.site GoLive Website Project File
.sitx StuffIt X Archive
.sk2 ChemSketch Drawing
.skb SketchUp Backup Document
.skc SideKick Card File
.ski Motorola Phone Skin File
.skindex Mail Index File
.skl Maya Skeleton File
.skp SketchUp Document
.skr PGP Private Keyring
.skv Semicolon Separated Values File
.skv XLANG Schedule Drawing File
.skx XLANG Schedule File
.skz SuperKaramba Theme
.sl Software License File
.sldasm SolidWorks Assembly
.slddrt SolidWorks Drawing Sheet
.slddrw SolidWorks Drawing
.sldprt SolidWorks Part
.sle Sisulizer Package File
.sln Visual Studio Solution File
.slp Sisulizer Project File
.sls Image Playlist
.slt Mozilla User Profile Folder
.slx MathWorks Simulink Model File
.sm StepMania Song File
.sma AMX Mod Plugin Source File
.smc Super Nintendo Game ROM
.smd Sega Mega Drive ROM
.smf Standard MIDI File
.smi Self-Mounting Disk Image
.smi SMIL Presentation
.smil SMIL Presentation File
.smk Smacker Compressed Movie File
.smm Ami Pro Macro
.smp SampleVision Audio Sample Format
.smp Xionics SMP Image
.sms Sega Master System ROM
.sms Exported SMS Text Message
.smv VideoLink Mail Video File
.smzip StepMania Package
.sn1 Drive Snapshot Backup Continuation 1
.sn2 Drive Snapshot Backup Continuation 2
.sna Drive Snapshot Primary Backup File
.snd Sound File
.snd Macintosh Sound Resource
.snd Akai MPC Sample
.sng MIDI Song File
.snippet Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
.snm Netscape Mail Index
.snp Access Report Snapshot
.snx PISnoop Workspace File
.so Shared Library
.sol Flash Local Shared Object File
.sopt Synclavier Optical Disk Image File
.sou SBStudio II Sound File
.soundpack SoundPackager Sound Package
.sp SignPlot Traffic Sign File
.sparsebundle Mac OS X Sparse Bundle
.sparseimage Mac OS X Sparse Image
.spc Spectrum 512 Compressed Image
.spd Sealed Acrobat Document
.spdf Sealed PDF File
.spe WinSpec CCD Capture File
.spg TCP Optimizer Backup File
.spiff Still Picture Interchange File Format
.spl FutureSplash Animation
.spo SPSS Statistical Data Output File
.spp Serif PhotoPlus Picture File
.sppack SPPack Sound Sample
.spr FoxPro Generated Screen File
.spr Half-Life Sprite File
.sprg Synclavier Program File
.sprite SuperTux Sprite File
.sps SPSS Program File
.spt ESPL Programming File
.spt TM File Packer Compressed Archive
.spt SpeedTree Tree Data File
.spu Spectrum 512 Image
.spub Disc Cover File
.spv SPSS Output Document
.spx Ogg Vorbis Speex File
.sq Sysquake Program
.sqb SQL Backup SQL Server Backup File
.sqd SQ Data File
.sqf ArmA Script
.sqfs Squash FS Bootable File
.sql Structured Query Language Data File
.sqlite SQLite Database
.sqm Service Quality Monitoring File
.sqm Operation Flashpoint Mission File
.sqr SQL Program File
.sqx SQX Archive
.sqz Squeeze Project File
.sr Sun Raster Graphic
.sr0 SecuROM Analysis File
.src Source Code
.srf Sony RAW Image
.srf Server Response File
.srm Super Nintendo ROM Save
.srs Outlook Send/Receive Settings File
.srt SubRip Subtitle File
.ssa Sub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.ssc SourceSafe Status File
.ssd WindowBlinds Skin File List
.sseq Synclavier Sequence File
.ssk SmartSketch 95 Document
.sslf HLSW Shared Server List File
.ssm Standard Streaming Metafile
.ssnd Synclavier Sound File
.sss WindowBlinds Substyle File
.sst Serialized Certificate Store File
.ssw Sony Ericsson Firmware File
.st Atari ST Disk Image
.sta ABAQUS Status File
.stc StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet Template
.std Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template
.std CD/DVD Label Template
.step STEP 3D Model
.sth Lotus Domino Stash File
.sti StarOffice Presentation Template
.stk Pivot Animator Stick Figure
.stl Certificate Trust List
.stl Fireworks Style Library
.stl Stereolithography File
.stm Scream Tracker 2 Module
.stm Exchange Streaming Media File
.stm SSI Web Page
.stmb Synclavier Timbre File
.stml SSI HTML File
.sto PRO100 3D Interior Design Project
.stp STEP 3D CAD File
.stp SharePoint Template
.str dBASE Structure List Object File
.str Windows Screensaver File
.str PlayStation Video Stream
.strings Text Strings File
.stt Streets & Trips Map Template
.stw StarOffice Document Template
.stw Statistica Workbook
.stx Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit File
.stx Pinnacle Studio Project File
.sty LaTeX Style
.sty Yamaha/Korg Keyboard Style
.styk Stykz Stick Figure
.stykz Stykz Animation
.style SketchUp Style
.style ArcGIS Style Manager File
.sub MicroDVD Subtitle File
.sub SubTerra Level File
.sud Super Project Analyzer File
.sud Sudoku Puzzle File
.suf Ccrypt Encrypted File
.suit Macintosh Font Suitcase
.sun Sun Raster Graphic
.suniff Sun TAAC IFF Image
.suo Visual Studio Solution User Options File
.sup Subtitle Bitmap File
.sup Super Project Definition File
.sv5 BigJig 5 Saved Puzzle
.sv6 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game
.svc WCF Web Service File
.svd Roland Patch File
.svg Scalable Vector Graphic
.svgz Compressed SVG File
.svi Samsung Video File
.svn-work Subversion Cache File
.svr Compressed Virtual World
.svs Game Boy Advance Saved State File
.svx 8SVX Sound File
.sw Signed Word Audio File
.sw2 Softwrap License File
.swa Shockwave Audio
.swc Flex Components Archive
.swc Super Nintendo Wild Card ROM File
.swd Flash Debug File
.swf Shockwave Flash Movie
.swi SWiSH Project File
.switch Switch Package
.swk StudyWorks Save File
.swp Swap File
.swt Flash Generator Template
.sxc StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.sxd StarOffice Drawing
.sxi StarOffice Impress Presentation
.sxm StarMath Formula
.sxw StarOffice Writer Document
.syb Syberia Game Data File
.syh Synchomatic Instrument
.sys Windows System File
.sys Motorola Driver File
.syw SY99/SY85 Audio
.syx MIDI System Exclusive Message
.sz Winamp Classic Skin Download