File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "W"

.w01 Yamaha SY Series Wave File
.w32 WinCAPs Subtitle File
.w3g Warcraft 3 Replay File
.w3m Warcraft 3 Map File
.w3x Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle
.w3z Warcraft 3 Saved Game
.wab Windows Address Book
.wad Doom WAD File
.wagame Worms Armageddon Game Recording
.wal Quake 2 Texture
.wal Winamp Modern Skin
.war Java Web Archive
.wav WAVE Audio
.wave WAVE Sound File
.wax Windows Media Audio Redirect
.wba WindowBlinds Compressed Skin
.wbb WinBackup Archive
.wbk Microsoft Word Document Backup File
.wbk WordPerfect Workbook
.wbmp Wireless Bitmap Image
.wbt Toribash Help File
.wcf WebEx Saved Chat Session
.wcm Microsoft Works Communications Script
.wcm WordPerfect Macro
.wcp WinDVD Creator Project File
.wdb Microsoft Works Database
.wdgt Dashboard Widget
.wdgt Opera Widget
.wdl World Definition Language Script
.wdp Windows Media Photo File
.wdq Offline Explorer Queue File
.wea Ecotect Weather File
.web Xara Web Document
.webarchive Safari Web Archive
.webloc macOS Website Location
.wer Windows Error Report
.wfb WaveFront Sound Bank
.wfd WaveFront Drum Kit File
.wfm dBASE Form
.wfp WaveFront Program File
.wgp Web Gallery Project
.wgs Walk-Graph Segment File
.wgt XNBC Synaptic Weights File
.wgt IMPS Data File
.wgz S60 Web Runtime Widget Package
.whf Wing Helper File
.whirld Unity Whirld Package
.whtt HTTrack Website Copier File
.wi Wavelet Image
.wic Java Wavelet Image
.widget Yahoo! Widget
.widget HybridJava Widget
.wil WinImage Disk Image List
.wim Windows Imaging Format File
.win Windows Backup File
.win FoxPro Window Settings
.wiz Microsoft Wizard File
.wjr ReGet Deluxe Data File
.wk1 Lotus Worksheet
.wk2 Lotus 2 Worksheet
.wk3 Lotus 3 Worksheet
.wk4 Lotus 4 Worksheet
.wk5 Lotus 5 Worksheet
.wki Lotus 2 Worksheet
.wks Works Spreadsheet
.wks Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.wku Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
.wl6 Wolfenstein 3D Full Version Game Data
.wlz WinImage Compressed Disk Image Set
.wm Windows Media File
.wma Windows Media Audio
.wmd Windows Media Download Package
.wmdb Windows Media Database File
.wmf Windows Metafile
.wml Wireless Markup Language File
.wmmp Windows Movie Maker Project File
.wmo World of Warcraft World Map Object
.wmp Windows Media Photo File
.wms Windows Media Skin
.wmv Windows Media Video
.wmx Windows Media Redirector File
.wmz Windows Media Player Skin Package
.wn WriteNow Document
.wnk Wink Presentation
.woa WebObjects Application
.wor MapInfo Workspace File
.workflow Automator Workflow
.wot Web Of Trust File
.wow Grave Composer Music Module
.wp WordPerfect Document
.wp4 WordPerfect 4 Document
.wp5 WordPerfect 5 Document
.wp6 WordPerfect 6 Document
.wp7 WordPerfect 7 Document
.wpa ACT! Word Processing Document
.wpd WordPerfect Document
.wpd ACT! 2 Word Processing Document
.wpd 602Text Word Processing Document
.wpf WordPerfect Form
.wpg WordPerfect Graphic
.wpk WordPerfect Macro
.wpk Nero Wave Editor File
.wpl Windows Media Player Playlist
.wpl DEC WPS Plus Text Document
.wpm WordPerfect Macro File
.wpp WordPerfect Color Palette
.wpp WebPlus Project File
.wproj Wwise Project File
.wps Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
.wps Kingsoft Writer Document
.wpt WordPerfect Template
.wpx Printer Description File
.wrf WebEx Recording
.wri Microsoft Write Document
.wrk Cakewalk Music Project
.wrl VRML World
.wrp Geomagic 3D Wrap File
.wrz Compressed VRML World File
.ws Windows Script
.wsc Windows Script Component
.wsdl Web Services Description Language File
.wsf Windows Script File
.wsh Windows Script Host Settings
.wsi Wise Package Studio Installer Package
.wsm Wise Package Studio Merge Module
.wsz Winamp Classic Skin
.wtb Win-Test Binary Log
.wtd Grand Theft Auto IV Textures File
.wtf World of Warcraft Text File
.wtpl WireTap Studio Library
.wtpt WireTap Studio Packaged Track
.wtr Encarta File
.wtv Windows Recorded TV Show File
.wus WUTG Tagged Audio File
.wut WUTG Tag File
.wv WavPack Audio File
.wvc WavPack Correction File
.wvx Windows Media Video Redirector
.wwd Works Wizard File
.wwu Wwise Work Unit
.wx Flight Simulator Weather File
.wz MapleStory Game Data File
.wz Warzone 2100 Data File
.wzmul WinZip Registration File