File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "X"

.x Lex Source Code File
.x32 Adobe Xtra File
.x3d Xara3D Project
.x64 Commodore 64 Disk Image
.xa CD-ROM eXtended Architecture Disc Image
.xaiml XAIML Chatterbot Database File
.xaml XAML File
.xap Silverlight Application Package
.xap XACT Project
.xar Xara Xtreme Drawing
.xbe Xbox Executable File
.xbm X BitMap Graphic
.xcf GIMP Image File
.xcode Xcode Project
.xcodeproj Xcode Project
.xdb PowerDesigner Database Definition File
.xdl XML Schema File
.xdl Oracle Expert Definition Language File
.xdp XML Data Package
.xdw Fuji Xerox DocuWorks File
.xef eManager Form Data
.xef WinAce Encrypted File
.xem eManager Metered Units
.xem PowerDesigner Model Definition File
.xen Guitar Hero III Data File
.xep eManager File Packaging Information
.xes eManager Skin Definition
.xet eManager Process Definition
.xev eManager Auto-Update File
.xex Xbox 360 Executable File
.xez eManager Template Package
.xfn Ventura Printer Font
.xfo XSL-FO Formatted Form
.xfr iProcess Process Definition File
.xfs eRacer Sound File
.xft Adobe Form Designer 5.0 File
.xft ChiWriter Printer Font
.xgs XACT Global Settings File
.xht XHTML File
.xhtml Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.xi Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File
.xib Interface Builder File
.xif ScanSoft Pagis File
.xl Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.xla Microsoft Excel Add-In File
.xlam Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Add-In
.xlb Microsoft Excel Toolbar Settings File
.xlc Microsoft Excel Chart
.xlf XLIFF Document
.xlgc ExpressK Database File
.xlk Microsoft Excel Backup File
.xll Microsoft Excel Add-in
.xlm Microsoft Excel Macro
.xlnk XML Shortcut File
.xlr Works Spreadsheet
.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
.xlsb Microsoft Excel Binary Spreadsheet
.xlsm Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.xlsx Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.xlt Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (Legacy)
.xltm Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template
.xltx Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template
.xlv Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Module
.xlw Microsoft Excel Workbook
.xm Fasttracker 2 Extended Module
.xmb Age of Empires Game Data File
.xmcd Mathcad Worksheet File
.xmcdz Mathcad Compressed Worksheet File
.xmd Extended Media Disc Image
.xmf Extensible Music File
.xmf GameJack Disc Image File
.xmi Extended MIDI File
.xml XML File
.xmlper LeCroy Binary Waveform File
.xmp Extensible Metadata Platform File
.xmpz Miradi XML Project File
.xnb XNA Game Studio Binary Package
.xnk Exchange Shortcut
.xof Reality Lab 3D Image File
.xol Swiss Map Overlay
.xol PowerDesigner Object Language File
.xp Fasttracker 2 Extended Pattern
.xpaddercontroller Xpadder Controller Profile
.xpd XML Pipeline Document
.xpd PlayStation Store PSP License File
.xpdl XPDL Module
.xpg Autoplay Media Studio Exported Page
.xpi Cross-platform Installer Package
.xpj Micro Planner X-Pert Project File
.xpk WWE RAW Model File
.xpm X11 Pixmap Graphic
.xpm Micro Planner Manager File
.xpr PressIt Disc Label
.xpr Pro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File
.xps XML Paper Specification File
.xpt Mozilla Firefox Component
.xpt SAS Transport File
.xqt SuperCalc Macro File
.xrns Renoise Song File
.xrp RationalPlan Project File
.xry XRY Data File
.xs Age of Empires 3 Map AI Generator
.xsb XACT Sound Bank
.xsd XML Schema Definition
.xsi Softimage XSI 3D Image
.xsl XML Style Sheet
.xslt XSL Transformation File
.xsn InfoPath Form Template File
.xspf XML Shareable Playlist File
.xt Fasttracker 2 Extended Track
.xt Xdebug Trace File
.xtp XTree Data File
.xtreme Winstep Xtreme Theme Pack
.xul XML User Interface Language File
.xvid Xvid-Encoded Video File
.xwb XACT Wave Bank
.xwd X Windows Dump Image
.xwf OmniPage Workflow File
.xwk Crosstalk Communicator Keyboard Mapping File
.xwp XMLwriter Project
.xwp Xerox Writer Text Document
.xwp Crosstalk Session File
.xws Xara Web Designer Graphic
.xx XXEncoded File
.xxd Brixx Planner Calendar
.xxe XXEncoded File
.xy XYWrite Document
.xy3 XYWrite III Document
.xyp XYWrite Plus Document
.xys XYplorer Script File
.xyw XYWrite for Windows Document
.xyz Molecule Specification File