File Extensions

File Associations and Related File Types

File Extensions Beginning with "Z"

.z Unix Compressed File
.z01 First Split Zip File
.z02 Second Split Zip File
.z03 Third Split Zip File
.z04 Fourth Split Zip File
.z1 ZoneAlarm Renamed VB File
.z64 Nintendo 64 Game ROM
.zap FileWrangler Archive
.zap ZoneAlarm Pro Data File
.zap Zero Administration Package File
.zdb Quicken Online File
.zdb EPSQ Database
.zdc CD Catalog Expert Database File
.zdl Avery DesignPro Label File
.zds GZDoom Save File
.zfo XSL-FO Online Form
.zfsendtotarget Compressed Folder
.zgm Zenographics Image File
.zhtml Secure IE Zipped HTML File
.zif Zooming Image Format File
.zip Zipped File
.zipx Extended Zip Archive
.zix WinZix Compressed File
.zix Quicken Online File
.zm1 ZSNES Movie #1 File
.zm1 ZoneAlarm Renamed MDA File
.zm2 ZSNES Movie #2 File
.zm2 ZoneAlarm Renamed MDZ File
.zm3 ZSNES Movie #3 File
.zm3 ZoneAlarm Renamed NCH File
.zm9 ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed Zip File
.zmap Zombies Ate My Neighbors Map File
.zml Zooming Markup Language File
.zmv ZSNES Movie File
.zno Zinio Electronic Magazine File
.zon Collection Building Custom Zone File
.zone.identifier Windows Zone Identifier File
.zoo Zoo Tycoon Saved Game
.zoo Zoo Compressed File
.zpl Zoom Player Playlist
.zsd Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Data File
.zst ZSNES Save File
.zt Mental Ray Image Depth File
.ztd Zoo Tycoon Data Archive
.ztf DVD Label Template File
.ztr DVD Label Template Media File
.zvd ZyXEL Voice File
.zvz Possible Virus File
.zw Chinese Text File
.zxp Extension Manager Package
.zz Zzip Compressed Archive