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Slang Terms Beginning with a Number or Symbol

*$ Starbucks
*$$ Starbucks
0773H Hello
10X Thanks
121 One to one
1337 Leet
143 I love you
1432 I love you, too
143444 I love you very very much
14AA41 One for all, all for one
182 I hate you
1CE Once
1D One Direction
1I One eye
2 To
22 Tutu
24/7 Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
262 Old
26Y4U Too sexy for you
2B To be
2C Too cool
2C4U Too cool for you
2DAY Today
2DFM Too dumb for me
2EZ Too easy
2FB Too freaking bad
2H2H Too hot to handle
2K Talk
2L8 Too late
2M2H Too much to handle
2M2M Too many to mention
2MI Too much information
2MORROW Tomorrow
2MR Tomorrow
2MRW Tomorrow
2NITE Tonight
2NT Tonight
2U2 To you too
2ZDA Tuesday
303 Mom
3RZDA Thursday
3SUM Threesome
4 For
404 Page not found
411 Information
420 Marijuana
458 I love you
459 I love you
4EVA Forever
4EVER Forever
4GM Forgive me
4MTK For me to know
4N Foreign
4OTS For old time's sake
4RL For real
4U For you
4U2 For you too
4WARD Forward
555 Ha ha ha
5FDP Five Finger Death Punch
5SOS 5 Seconds of Summer
8 Ate
831 I love you
8TB Ate the bait
9 Parent in room
99 Parent has left
@@-O Tattletale
^5 High five