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Slang Terms Beginning with "Y"

Y Why
Y Yawning
Y/R Yeah, right
Y2K You're too kind
YABA Yet another bloody acronym
YBS You'll be sorry
YBYSA You bet your sweet a**
YCCOI You can count on it
YD Ya dig?
YD Yes dear
YDI You deserved it
YER Your
YG2BJ You've got to be joking
YGG You go girl
YGM You've got mail
YHM You have mail
YK You're kidding
YKHII You know how it is
YKI You know it
YM Your mom
YMBJ You must be joking
YMMD You made my day
YMMV Your mileage may vary
YMSF Your momma's so fat
YOLO You only live once
YOMANK You owe me a new keyboard
YOOW You're out of work
YPML You're pulling my leg
YR Your
YRAG You are a geek
YRG You are good
YRL You are lame
YS You suck
YS Yours sincerely
YSJ You're so jealin'
YST You still there
YSW Yeah sure whatever
YT Your turn
YT You there?
YTF Why the f***
YVW You're very welcome
YW You're welcome
YWIA You're welcome in advance
YYSS Yeah yeah, sure sure
YYSSW Yeah yeah, sure sure, whatever