Online Slang

Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Slang Terms used Online

Slang Terms Beginning with "M"

M Male
M$ Microsoft
M/F Male or female
M02 My two cents
M8 Mate
MAB Maybe
MACCAS McDonald's
MAG Magazine
MATE Friend
MB My bad
MBF My best friend
MBS Mom behind shoulder
MC Minecraft
[email protected] Mad at you
[email protected] Mad at you for now
MDIAC My dad is a cop
ME2 Me too
MF Mother f***er
MFB Motherf***ing B****
MGB May God bless
MGMT Management
MHM Mm-hmm
MHOTY My hat's off to you
MI Marching Illini
MIA Missing in action
MIB Men in Black
MIBG Mental image be gone
MIL Mother-in-law
MIMAS May I make a suggestion
MIN Minute
MINS Minutes
MIPS Millions of Instructions Per Second
MISHU Miss you
MKA Make additions
MLIA My life is average
MLP My Little Pony
MM Merry meet
MM Make me
MM Missing my
MMA Meet me at
MMAMP Meet me at my place
MMB Message me back
MMBBG Massively Multiplayer Browser-Based Game
MMFU My mate fancies you
MMHRD Many Many Happy Returns of the Day
MMO Massively multiplayer online
MMOB Mind my own business
MMOG Massively Multiplayer Online Game
MMORPG Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
MMRD My mind is rolled down
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
MNG Manage
MNGR Manager
MOB Mobile
MOH Maid of Honor
MOH Medal of Honor
MOO My own opinion
MOOC Massive open online course
MORF Male or female
MOS Mom over shoulder
MOTAS Members of the appropriate sex
MOTD Message of the day
MOTOS Members of the opposite sex
MOTSS Members of the same sex
MOTU Mark of the Unicorn
MOTU Masters of the Universe
MP Merry part
MR Mister
MRU Most recently used
MS Miss
MS Microsoft
MSB My sexy b****
MSG Message
MST Must see today
MT Mistype
MTF More to follow
MTFBWU May the Force be with you
MTFBWY May the Force be with you
MTG Meeting
MTH Month
MTTN Milk through the nose
MU Miss you
MU@ Meet you at
MUD Multi-User Dimension
MVH With best regards
MW Most welcome
MWA Kiss
MWAHUGZ Kisses and hugs
MYB myYearbook
MYOB Mind your own business
MYSP Myspace