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Slang Terms Beginning with "N"

N In
N And
N/A Not Available
N/A Not applicable
N/M Nevermind
N/M/H Nothing much here
N00B A new or inexperienced user
N1C No one cares
N2M Not too much
N2W Not to worry
N8KD Naked
NAC Not a chance
NAL Nationality
NB Not bad
NB Please note
NBD No big deal
NBJF No brag, just fact
NBL Not bloody likely
NBSP No bull s*** please
NC Nice call
NC No comment
NC Not cool
NCZ No capture zone
ND And
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
NEMORE Anymore
NERF Weaken
NETHNG Anything
NEVA Never
NEWAY Anyway
NEWAZE Anyways
NFIAH Never fear, I am here
NFL Not freakin' likely
NFW No freakin' way
NG No good
NH Nice hand
NIB New in box
NITE Night
NITM Not in the mood
NJ No joke
NK No kidding
NKZ No kill zone
NL Not likely
NLOL Not laughing out loud
NLT No later than
NM Nevermind
NM Not much
NMH Not much here
NMHJC Not much here, just chilling
NMJC Nothing much, just chillin'
NMJCY Not much, just chilling, you?
NMTN Never mind that now
NN2R No need to reply
NNITO Not necessarily in that order
NNTO No need to open
NNTR No need to reply
NO Know
NO1 No one
NOIRL No one is really laughing
NOMB None of my business
NOMBR None of my business, right
NONPOLOGY Non-apology
NOOB Newbie
NOTD Nail of the day
NOTTOMH Not off the top of my head
NOYB None of your business
NP Neopets
NP No problem
NRN No reply necessary
NS Nice shot
NS No s***
NSA No strings attached
NSFW Not safe for work
NSFW Not suitable for women
NSISR Not sure if spelled right
NSS No s*** Sherlock
NT Nice try
NTL Never too late
NTMY Nice to meet you
NTN No thanks needed
NTY No thank you
NUFN Nothing
NUIGB Not until I get back
NVM Nevermind
NVN Necro vs Necro
NVR Never
NVRM Nevermind
NW No way
NWO New world order
NXT Next
NYB Not your business