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Slang Terms Beginning with "U"

U You
U-OK You OK?
U/L Upload
U2 You too
U2U Up to you
UCE Unsolicited commercial email
UDFI You don't fit in
UKWIS You know what I'm saying
UL Upload
ULKGR8 You look great
ULPP Unluckiest person on the planet
UNADR You need a doctor
UOME You owe me
UR You are
UR Your
UR2M You are too much
URA* You are a star
URAB You are a b****
URAL You are a loser
URAQT You are a cutie
URC You are caught
URE You're
URGR8 You are great
URSKTM You are so kind to me
URTB You are the best
USA United States of America
USA Until sides ache
USAD You're such a dork
USB You sexy b****
UT You there?
UW You're welcome
UX User Interface
UY Up yours