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Slang Terms Beginning with "F"

F Female
F2F Face to face
F2T Free to talk
F9 Fine
FAB Fabulous
FAF Funny as fluff
FAH Funny as heck
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAV Favorite
FAVE Favorite
FAVS Favorites
FB Facebook
FBO Facebook official
FCOL For crying out loud
FF Freeze frame
FF Flying Fadoodle
FFA Free for all
FFDP Five Finger Death Punch
FFF Flat foreign female
FFF Fight for first
FFS For f***'s sake
FFWE Finds fault with everything
FGS For goodness' sake
FGSQTC For gosh's sake quit the crap
FH Future husband
FH F***ing Heck
FICCL Frankly, I couldn't care less
FIL Father-in-law
FITB Fill in the blanks
FLN felan
FML F*** my life
FN Fine
FNB Football and beer
FO Freaking out
FO Far out
FOAF Friend of a friend
FOB Fresh off the boat
FOCL Falling off the chair laughing
FOFL Falling on the floor laughing
FOFLMAO Falling on the floor laughing my a** off
FOOMCL Falling out of my chair laughing
FORD Flipped Over and Rebuilt Dodge
FORD Found on road dead
FORGIVE Faith, Obedience, Righteousness, Grace, Inheritance, Victory, Edification
FOTD Face of the day
FOTFL Falling on the floor laughing
FOTFLMAO Falling on the floor laughing my a** off
FOTFLOL Falling on the floor, laughing out loud
FPS First-person shooter
FPS Frames per second
FRFR For real for real
FRI Endless friend
FRND Friend
FS For sale
FTEL For the epic loss
FTEW For the epic win
FTFY Fixed that for you
FTG For the group
FTL For the loss
FTMFW For the mother f***ing win
FTMP For the most part
FTP File transfer protocol
FTR For the record
FTR After
FTTB For the time being
FTW For the win
FU F*** you
FU Fully understood
FUBAR Fouled up beyond all recognition
FUD Fear, uncertainty, and doubt
FURRY Fan of anthropomorphic animals
FUSIT Fouled up situation
FUT Follow up to
FW Future wife
FWIW For what it's worth
FYA For your amusement
FYEO For your eyes only
FYI For your information
FYKI For your kind information
FYL F*** your life
FYR For your reference