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Slang Terms Beginning with "K"

K Kiss
KAS Kicking and screaming
KB Kiss back
KEK WoW Orcish laugh
KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFC Kid's Fattening Clinic
KHYF Know how you feel
KIK Laughing out loud
KIR Keepin' it real
KISS Keep it simple, stupid
KIT Keep in touch
KK Kiss kiss
KL Kool
KM Kiss me
KMA Kiss my a**
KMAB Kiss my a** b****
KMB Kiss my butt
KMMFA Kiss my mother f****** a**
KMSO Knocked my socks off
KNP OK, no problem
KOS Kill on site
KOS Kid over shoulder
KOTC Kiss on the cheek
KOTL Kiss on the lips
KPTONDL Keep it on the down low
KSC Kinda sorta chuckle
KTHX OK, Thanks
KTHXBAI OK, thanks, bye
KUTGW Keep up the good work
KW Know
KWIM Know what I mean
KWIS Know what I'm saying
KYFM Kiss yourself for me
KYSOTI Keep your stick on the ice