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Slang Terms Beginning with "D"

D/C Disconnected
D/C Don't care
D/L Download
D/S Dominant/Submissive
D8 Date
DA Dumb a**
DA The
DAH Dumb a** hole
DAQ Dumb asked question
DASHIE Rainbow Dash
DAT That
DBAG Douchebag
DBEYR Don't believe everything you read
DBMN Don't bug me now
DBS Dad behind shoulder
DBTS Don't believe their s***
DBTS Don't believe that stuff
DD Dear daughter
DED Dead
DEETS Details
DFL Dead freaking last
DFTBA Don't forget to be awesome
DH Dear hubby
DH Dear husband
DHYB Don't hold your breath
DIIK Darned if I know
DIKU Do I know you
DIL Daughter-in-law
DILLIGAF Do I look like I give a flip?
DILLIGAFF Does it look like I give a flying flip?
DINK Double income no kids
DIS Disrespect
DIS This
DITG Down in the gutter
DIY Do it yourself
DK Don't know
DKDC Don't know, don't care
DL Down low
DL Download
DL Doing Laundry
DLM Don't leave me
DLO Down low
DLTBBB Don't let the bedbugs bite
DLTCU Don't let them catch you
DM Do me
DMI Don't mention it
DMNDS Doesn't make no dang sense
DMY Don't mess yourself
DND Do not disturb
DNT Don't
DOM Dirty old man
DOS Dad over shoulder
DOUCHE Douchebag
DOUCHEBAG An arrogant jerk
DOUCHELING Partial douchebag
DP Dear partner
DQOTD Dumb question of the day
DQYDJ Don't quit your day job
DRC Don't really care
DRK Don't really know
DS Dear son
DSI Don't sweat it
DT Dang typos
DTF Down to f***
DU Don't understand
DU Darn you
DUK Didn't you know?
DULM Do you love me
DUR Stupidly obvious
DUUT Do you understand that?
DW Dear wife
DW Don't worry
DWHTGTTA Do we have to go through this again
DWL Dying with laughter
DX Driving
DYD Don't you dare
DYFI Did you find it
DYJHIW Don't you just hate it when
DYK Did you know
DYLM Do you love me
DYLM Do you like me
DYM Did you mean
DYTTH Did you talk to him?
DYTTH Did you talk to her?