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Slang Terms Beginning with "H"

H Hug
H&K Hugs and kisses
H/O Hold on
H/W Homework
H/W Husband and wife
H8 Hate
H8T Hate
HA Hello again
HABD Have a blessed day
HAGD Have a good day
HAGS Have a great summer
HAGW Have a good week
HAHA Laughing
HAK Hugs and kisses
HAN How about now?
HAND Have a nice day
HANGRY Angry because you're hungry
HAV Have
HAY How are you
HB Hug back
HB Hurry back
HB2U Happy birthday to you
HBBD Happy belated birthday
HBD Happy birthday
HBU How 'bout you
HC How cool
HCIT How cool is that
HDYLMN How do you like me now
HEA Happily ever after
HEHE Laughing
HF Have fun
HFC Holy freaking crap
HFCS High fructose corn syrup
HGH Human growth hormone
HH Ha-ha
HH Holding hands
HH1/2KO Ha ha, half-kidding only
HHOJ/K Ha-ha, only just kidding
HHOS Ha-ha, only serious
HHSF Ha-ha, so funny
HHVF Ha-ha, very funny
HIWTH Hate it when that happens
HK Hello Kitty
HK Hugs and kisses
HLBD Happy late birthday
HLP Help
HM Home
HMP Help me, please
HMSL Holding my sides laughing
HMU Hit me up
HNY Happy New Year
HO Hold on
HOAS Heck of a shot
HOAS Hold on a second
HOF Hall of fame
HOM Hit or miss
HOMM Heroes of Might and Magic
HOPE Have Only Positive Expectations
HOPE Highlights of Personal Experience
HORU How old are you
HOS Husband over shoulder
HOT-TEA Hottie
HOTS Heart of the Swarm
HP Handphone
HPDC Happy People Don't Complain
HR Homeroom
HRU How are you
HRY Hurry
HS Headshot
HSIK How should I know
HSM High school musical
HSMP Homeschool me please
HTC Hit the cell
HTH Hope this helps
HTN High time now
HTSUS Hope to see you soon
HU Hook up
HU Hang up
HU Hold up
HW Homework
HW Hardware
HWIK How would I know
HWP Height weight proportionate
HWU Hey, what's up?
HY Heck yeah
HYE Have you ever
HYL Help You Later