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Slang Terms Beginning with "J"

J Joking
J/K Just kidding
J/P Just playing
JAB Injection
JAM Just a minute
JAS Just a second
JASE Just another system error
JB/C Just because
JBC Just because
JC Just checking
JC Just chilling
JC Just curious
JCI Just checking in
JFGI Just flippin' Google it
JFK Just freakin' kidding
JIC Just in case
JIT Just in time
JJ Just joking
JK Just kidding
JLMK Just let me know
JMHO Just my humble opinion
JMO Just my opinion
JOOC Just out of curiosity
JP Just playing
JS Just saying
JSYK Just so you know
JTLYK Just to let you know
JTO Just this once
JUIL Just you I love
JW Just wondering