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Slang Terms Beginning with "L"

L Laughing
L/F/E Lovers forever
L2M Listening to music
L2P Learn to play
L33T Leet
L8 Late
L8ER Later
L8R Later
L8RG8R Later, gator
LA Laughing a lot
LAF Laugh
LAFFING Laughing
LAFS Love at first sight
LAL Laugh a little
LAL Laughing a lot
LAST Locate, Access, Stabilize, Transport
LAWLS Laugh out loud
LBF Later, best friend
LBR Let's be real
LC Let's celebrate
LEMENO Let me know
LEP Love emo people
LF Looking for
LFD Left for day
LFK Let's french kiss
LFM Looking for more
LFTD Left for the day
LFTD Laugh for the day
LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender
LHO Laughing head off
LIG Life is good
LIL Little
LIQ Laughing inside quietly
LK Like
LL Later loser
LLACP Laughing like a crazy person
LLC Laughing like crazy
LLOL Literally laughing out loud
LLPOF Liar liar pants on fire
LM Letters mailed
LMA Leave me alone
LMAO Laughing my a** off
LMAOROF Laughing my a** off rolling on the floor
LMAOROTF Laughing my a** off and rolling on the floor
LMAOTC Laughing my a** off the chair
LMBO Laughing my butt off
LMFAO Laughing my freakin' a** off
LMFAO Laughing my fat a** off
LMFAOPIMP Laughing my freaking a** off peeing in my pants
LMFBO Laughing my fat butt off
LMFHO Laughing my freakin' heart out
LMHO Laughing my hiney off
LMHO Laughing my head off
LMIRL Let's meet in real life
LMK Let me know
LML Love my life
LMO Leave me one
LMO Let's make out
LMS Learning Management System
LMWAO Laughing my white a** off
LNOL Laughing not out loud
LOC Load of crap
LOFL Laughing out freakin' loud
LOI Laughing on the inside
LOL Laughing out loud
LOL Little old lady
LOL Lots of love
LOL League of Legends
LOLAWS Laughing out loud and with style
LOLHK Lots of love, hugs, and kisses
LOLOL Lots of laugh out louds
LOLROFLMAO Laughing out loud, rolling on floor, laughing my a** off
LOLUSA Laughing out loud until sides ache
LOLZ Laugh out louds
LOML Love of my life
LOQ Laugh out quietly
LOTFLOL Lying on the floor laughing out loud
LOTI Laughing on the inside
LOTR Lord of the Rings
LOTV Legacy of the Void
LQTM Laughing quietly to myself
LRL Laugh real loud
LRU Least Recently Used
LSHIFOMD Laughing so hard I fell off my dinosaur
LSHMSFOAIDMT Laughing so hard my sombrero fell off and I dropped my taco
LSHTMSFOAIDMT Laughing so hard that my sombrero fell off and I dropped my taco
LSS Long story short
LST Long-sleeve t-shirt
LTD Lovers 'til death
LTMQ Laughing to myself quietly
LTNS Long time, no see
LTP Let's talk privately
LTR Letter
LTR Long-term relationship
LTR Later
LU Love you
LU4EVER Love you forever
LUA Love you a lot
LUB Love you, bye
LUGLS Love you guys like sisters
LUL Love you lots
LULAB Love you like a brother
LULAF Love you like a friend
LULAS Love you like a sister
LUM Love you, man
LUPP Luckiest person on the planet
LUV Love
LUZR Loser
LV Love
LV1 Leave one
LWT Laughing with tears
LY Love ya
LYA Love you always
LYK Let you know
LYL Love you lots
LYLAB Love you like a brother
LYLAS Love you like a sister
LYLC Love you like crazy
LYMI Love you, mean it
LYN Lying
LYSM Love you so much