Online Slang

Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Slang Terms used Online

Slang Terms Beginning with "P"

P/D Per day
P/M Per month
P/W Password
P/W Per week
P/Y Per year
P911 Parent alert!
PA Parent alert
PAW Parents are watching
PAW Parents at work
PAX Peace and Love
PC Personal computer
PC4PC Picture comment for picture comment
PCID Putting clothes in dryer
PCM Please call me
PDA Public display of affection
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDH Pretty darn hot
PDQ Pretty darn quick
PEBCAC Problem exists between chair and computer
PEBCAK Problem exists between chair and keyboard
PEBKAC Problem exists between keyboard and chair
PED Performance enhancing drug
PFA Please find attached
PFO Pissed and fell over
PFR Plasma, Frag, Rocket
PG Pretty good
PHAT Pretty hot and tempting
PIMP Peeing in my pants
PIO Pass it on
PIOG Posted in other groups
PIR People in room
PIR Parent in room
PITA Pain in the a**
PJDWYS Personal joke, don't worry yourself
PK Player kill
PKMN Pokémon
PL Playlist
PL Punchline
PL Pig latin
PL& Planned
PL0X Please
PL8 Plate
PLD Played
PLJ Peace, love, joy
PLMK Please let me know
PLOX Please
PLS Please
PLZ Please
PLZRD Please read
PM Postmeridian
PM Private message
PM5K Powerman 5000
PMD Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
PMFJI Pardon me for jumping in
PMPL Piss my pants laughing
PMSL Piss myself laughing
PMWOF Putting more wood on the fire
PNAR Poppin and a ranging
PNP Plug and Play
POC Point of contact
POC Piece of crap
POC Proof of concept
POED P*ssed off
POMS Peace out my sucka
POMS Parents over my shoulder
POS Parent over shoulder
POS Piece of s***
POS Power of suggestion
POSBL Possible
POTB Pat on the back
POTC Peck on the cheek
POTC Pirates of the Caribbean
POTO Phantom of the Opera
POTUS President of the United States
POUS President of the United States
POV Point of view
PP Power Points
PP Profile picture
PP Patterned paper
PPDA Parents pacing de area
PPL People
PPP Peace
PRL Parents are listening
PROLLY Probably
PRVT Private
PRW Parents are watching
PSOG Pure stroke of genius
PSP PlayStation Portable
PTB Powers that be
PTFO Play the freaking objective
PTIYPASI Put that in your pipe and smoke it
PTL Praise the Lord
PTM Please tell me
PTO Pass this on
PTSB Pass the sick bucket
PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder
PUK PIN unlock key
PUKS Pick up the kids
PUSIMP Put yourself in my position
PVC Player versus computer
PVE Player versus environment
PVP Player versus player
PVT Private
PW Password
PWN To dominate
PWN2OWN Pwn to Own Contest
PWN3D Owned
PWND Owned
PWNT Owned
PWOF Putting wood on the fire
PWT Poor white trash
PYHOOYA Pull your head out of your a**
PYSIMP Put yourself in my place
PYT Pretty young thing