Online Slang

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Slang Terms Beginning with "S"

S Smiling
S Yes
S/W Software
S2R Send to receive
S4S Share for share
SAHM Stay-at-home mom
SAL Such a laugh
SALAB Stop acting like a baby
SAMZD Still amazed
SASE Self-addressed stamped envelope
SAT Sorry about that
SB Should be
SB Smiling back
SBT Sorry 'bout that
SBTM Should be there momentarily
SC2 StarCraft 2
SC2NITE StarCraft 2 tonight?
SCNR Sorry, could not resist
SDIHTT Someday I'll have the time
SEAL Slaying everyone and laughing
SELFIE A picture of yourself
SEO Search engine optimization
SERP Search engine results page
SF Science Fiction
SFB S*** for brains
SFF So freaking funny
SFS Sorry for spam
SFTIF2LOLBLIMH So funny that I forgot to laugh out loud but laughed in my head
SFY Speak for yourself
SG Sounds good
SH Same here
SIA Someone is around
SIC Spelling incorrect
SIG Silence is golden
SIL Sister-in-law
SIL Son-in-law
SINBAD Single income, no boyfriend, absolutely desperate
SIT Stay in touch
SITD Still in the dark
SIUL8R See you later
SK8 Skate
SK8R Skater
SLAP Sounds like a plan
SLM Socially limiting maneuver
SLY Still love you
SMDH Shaking my d*** head
SME Subject matter expert
SMEM Send me an e-mail
SMF So much fun
SMH Shaking my head
SMH Scratching my head
SMH Smash my head
SMHWT Shaking my head with a tune
SML So much love
SMUN Send me your number
SNAFU Situation normal, all fouled up
SNMP So not my problem
SO Significant other
SO8 Sweet
SOAB Son of a b****
SOB Son of a b****
SOH Sense of humor
SOL S*** out of luck
SOOI Stay out of it
SOS Same old stuff
SOS Save our souls
SOS Someone over shoulder
SOS Someone special
SOSG Someone over shoulder gone
SOSO Same old, same old
SOTU State of the Union
SOW Speaking of which
SOZ Sorry
SP Spelling
SPIM IM spam
SPK Speak
SPKR Speaker
SPPU Sold pending pickup
SPROS Stop, parents reading over shoulder
SRO Standing room only
SRRY Sorry
SRSLY Seriously
SRY Sorry
SSDD Same stuff, different day
SSIA Subject says it all
ST2M Stop talking to me
STAR Stop, think, act, review
STFD Sit the f*** down
STFD Shut the front door
STFU Shut the f*** up
STFU Super Time Force Ultra
STFW Search the flippin' Web
STHU Shut the heck up
STLSDR Still too long, still didn't read
STMS Sick to my stomach
STPD Stupid
STR8 Straight
STTH Speak to the hand
SU Shut up
SUAFU Situation unchanged, all fouled up
SUF Shut your face
SUM1 Someone
SUP What's up
SUSFU Situation unchanged, still fouled up
SW Software
SWA So what a**
SWAG Free stuff
SWAK Sealed with a kiss
SWALK Sweet, with all love, kisses
SWALK Sealed with a loving kiss
SWAS Said with a smile
SWDYWTTA So what do you want to talk about
SWMBO She who must be obeyed
SWTOR Star Wars: The Old Republic
SWYP So what's your problem
SY Sincerely yours
SYIH See you in hell
SYL See you later
SYLA See you later alligator
SYS See you soon
SYSOP System operator (chat monitor)
SYT See you tomorrow
SYY Shut your yapper
S~! Salute