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Slang Terms Beginning with "W"

W/ With
W/B Welcome back
W/E Whatever
W/O Without
W00T Joy and excitement
W2F Way too funny
W2G Way to go
W2K Windows 2000
W8 Wait
W84M Wait for me
W8AM Wait a minute
W8ING Waiting
W8N Waiting
WA What
WADITWB We always did it that way before
WADR With all due respect
WAEFRD When all else fails, read directions
WAHM Work-at-home mom
WAM Wait a minute
WAN2 Want to
WAS Wait a second
WAT What
WATEV Whatever
WAYD What are you doing
WAYDRN What are you doing right now
WAYDT What are you doing tonight
WB Welcome back
WB Write back
WB Way bored
WBP Write back please
WBS Write back soon
WBU What 'bout you
WBW With best wishes
WBWYC Write back when you can
WC Who cares
WD Well done
WDIT Why do I try
WDMB Will do my best
WDUMBT What do you mean by that?
WDUW What do you want
WDYM What do you mean?
WDYT What do you think
WE Whatever
WEBPANY Web company
WEG Wicked evil grin
WEI Whatever idiot
WEML Whatever major loser
WHT What
WHYBAD Where have you been all day
WHYBATT Where have you been all this time
WITR Who's in the room
WITWW What in the wide world
WITWW Where in the wide world
WIYP What is your problem
WKD Wicked
WKND Weekend
WKR With kind regards
WL Whatta loser
WLK Walk
WLOL Whip laugh out loud
WMAO Working my a** off
WN Why not
WNDITWB We never did it this way before
WOA Work of art
WOHM Working outside home mom
WOL Wings of Liberty
WOMBAT Waste of money, brains, and talent
WOOT Way out of topic
WOOT Waste of our time
WOOT Wonderful loot
WOOT We owned the other team
WOOT Woohoo!
WOS Wife over shoulder
WOT What
WOT Waste of time
WOTD Workout of the day
WOW World of Warcraft
WOZ Worry
WP Wrong person
WP WordPress
WPM Words per minute
WRISIT Where is it
WRT With regard to
WRT With respect to
WRU Where are you
WRUD What are you doing
WRUDOIN What are you doing
WTB Want to buy
WTBH What the bloody hell
WTC What the crap
WTF What the f***
WTFAY Where the f*** are you?
WTFE What the f*** ever
WTFNF What the f****ing f***
WTFO What the f***, over
WTFRU Where the f*** are you?
WTG Way to go
WTGP Want to go private
WTH What the heck
WTHDTM What the heck does that mean?
WTHWT What the heck was that?
WTS What the s***
WTS Want to sell
WTV Whatever
WTYAF Who threw you a fish?
WU What's up
WUA What's up anyway?
WUBU2 What've you been up to
WUD What you doin'
WUF Wow, you're funny
WUGF What up girlfriend
WUIGB Wait until I get back
WUT What
WUU2 What are you up to
WUWT What's up with that
WV With
WW Wrong Window
WW Wrong Way
WWI What was it
WWJD What would Jesus do
WWTFW What's with this f***** up world
WYGOWM Will you go out with me
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get
WYWH Wish you were here