File Type 1 Generic IconCalendar Builder File
File Format Proprietary (Tailwag Software)
Usage Open manually
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Calendar Builder saves custom calendars and planners as CBF files. Each CBF file includes a master theme as well as custom graphics and text that may be placed on each page of the calendar or planner.

Info About Tailwag Software Calendar Builder

Calendar Builder is a calendar creation program that allows users to design and print custom calendars. It includes 13 different calendar styles as well custom borders, graphics, and icons that can be added to each page of the calendar. Calendar Builder can be used to create full calendars, multiple month calendars, day planners, and week planners.

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IconTailwag Software Calendar Builder

Updated February 22, 2010
File Type 2 Generic IconChessBase Game Information File
File Format Proprietary (ChessBase)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

CBF files are also used to store saved game data generated by ChessBase. Each CBF file stores header information, player moves, annotations, and other information.

Info About ChessBase

ChessBase is a chess game application that includes a database feature for storing and analyzing past chess games. Players can download chess game databases to view chess games played by players around the world. By analyzing past chess games, players can improve their own chess skills by determining what steps could have been made to change the outcome of each game.

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IconChessBase for Windows

Updated February 24, 2010
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference