File Type Generic IconQuest3D Channel Group File
File Format Proprietary (Act-3D)
Usage Open manually; may be referenced by an application
Rank ★ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

CGR files are 3D scenes by Quest3D. Each CGR file contains a group of channels, which define the appearance and flow of objects, lighting, and animations.

Important: CGR files are saved with corresponding .IGR files that store the location of channels within the Quest3D Channel Graph layout pane.

Info About Act-3D Quest3D

Quest3D is Windows software development program used for producing real-time 3D Windows applications. It includes tools for rendering natural environments, managing lighting, and applying materials. The program also includes a "graphical programming" feature that allows developers to program 3D scenes visually rather than writing code.

Open With

IconAct-3D Quest3D

IconAutodesk 3ds Max


Updated August 29, 2013
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference