File Type Generic IconCompressed PhotoDefiner Image File
File Format Proprietary (RGB Light)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

The CPD (Compressed Photo Definer) image format was developed by RGB Light and uses lossless image compression. It is similar to the .PNG format, but can create smaller compressed images.

CPD files can be read with PhotoDefiner and other supporting third-party programs. They can also be opened with QuickTime Player and the QuickTime Web plugin if the PhotoDefiner component has been installed.

Open With

IconRGB Light PhotoDefiner Free Viewer

IconKandalu PhotoK Win

IconApple QuickTime Player with the PhotoDefiner ...


IconKandalu KandaluLite

IconKandalu PhotoK

IconApple QuickTime Player with the PhotoDefiner ...

Updated July 23, 2009