File Type Generic IconOmnis Native Datafile
File Format Proprietary (Raining Data)
Usage Open manually
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Proprietary data format used by Omnis development software, which is used to create multi-tier and Web applications; stores data in a database format and can be referenced by Omnis programs.

Important: DF1 files used by Omnis Studio are formatted differently than Omnis 7 files. Therefore, old DF1 files cannot be used with Omnis Studio. However, new versions of DF1 files are included with Omnis Studio. For example, the icon data file "Userpic.df1" used by Omnis 7 is replaced by "Omnispic.df1" in Omnis Studio. Other DF1 files can be converted or upgraded within the program.

Omnis datafiles may also end in ".df2", ".df3", etc.

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IconRaining Data Omnis Studio


IconRaining Data Omnis Studio


IconRaining Data Omnis Studio

Updated 2007
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference