File Type Generic IconExoPC Application
File Format Proprietary (ExoPC)
Usage Open manually; may run a program or script when opened
Popularity ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

An EXOPC file is an application developed for the ExoPC Slate, a Windows netbook with a multi-touch interface. It is the standard format for downloadable applications available from the ExoPC App Store.

EXOPC files are similar to .MIO files, but are designed specifically for the ExoPC Slate. Like MIO files, EXOPC files require the MioEngine to run.

Info About MioPlanet MioEngine

MioEngine is an executable file that can run MIO files and interpret MioScript. The MioEngine can serve as a widget, screen saver, or a complete application, depending on the MIO file it is associated with. In order to run a MIO file, the mioEngine.exe file must be placed in the same directory and renamed to the same filename as the MIO file (besides the file extension).

Open With

IconExoPC Slate

Updated April 14, 2010
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference