File Type High Dynamic Range Image File IconHigh Dynamic Range Image File
File Format Proprietary (HDRsoft)
Usage Open manually
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Raster image or digital photo saved in HDRsoft's High Dynamic Range (HDR) image format; used for enhancing the color and brightness range of a digital image; can be processed to fix dark shadows or washed out areas of a picture.

HDR software can also composite multiple photos with different exposures to create a single image with a full and evenly distributed range of color.

HDR files are also known as Radiance HDR or HDRI files.

Open With

IconHDRsoft Photomatix

IconAdobe Photoshop

IconACD Systems Canvas


IconHDRsoft Photomatix

IconAdobe Photoshop

IconLemkesoft GraphicConverter

Updated December 4, 2018
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference