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Contains a color settings for a specific software program or device, such as a printer or scanner; saved in a standard format that can be loaded by various programs and hardware devices; allows the same color system to be used by multiple devices and software programs, even across multiple computers.

ICM files are used by the Kodak Professional Color System and other color management systems. The "ICM" extension is often used in Windows, but color matching profiles more commonly use the .ICC extension. Both extensions are recognized by most color matching software.

An ICM file for the current display can be selected in Windows by opening the Display Control Panel and selecting "Display Properties." Then click Settings→Advanced Properties→Color Management.

Open With

IconMicrosoft Color Control Panel

IconAdobe Photoshop

IconCorelDRAW Graphics Suite


IconAdobe Photoshop

IconApple ColorSync Utility

Updated 2007
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference