File Type Generic IconInterleaf Compiled Lisp File
File Format Proprietary (BroadVision)
Usage Referenced by an application; not meant to be opened manually; may run a program or script when opened
Rank ★ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

LO files are compiled Lisp (.LSP) files created by Interleaf 5 and earlier. They contain compiled Lisp code that is used for running commands within the program.

IMPORTANT: Interleaf 6 and later (now QuickSilver) uses the FASL (fast load) format for compiled Lisp files. These files have an .FAS extension.

Info About BroadVision QuickSilver

QuickSilver is a document publishing program designed for creating technical documents. It allows users to design complex documents and export them in multiple electronic formats. Some examples include HTML, PDF, and PostScript.

QuickSilver was formerly developed by Interleaf, which was acquired by BroadVision in 2000.

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IconBroadVision QuickSilver

Updated October 6, 2009
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference