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File Format Proprietary (Chumbalum Soft)
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An MS3D file is a 3D model created with MilkShape 3D. It includes polygon data as well as surfaces and textures that have been applied to the model. MS3D files may contain static models or 3D animations.

Info About chUmbaLum sOft MilkShape 3D

MilkShape 3D is low-polygon 3D modeling program. It includes basic 3D operations, such as select, move, rotate, scale, and extrude. The program also has vertex and face tool that can be used for editing 3D models. MilkShape 3D is used mainly for editing 3D models and animations from games like Half-Life, Quake, and Unreal Tournament.

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Updated November 7, 2009
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference