File Type Generic IconPanasonic VM1 Voice File
File Format Proprietary (Panasonic)
Usage Open manually
Rank ★ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

Proprietary audio recording format used by Panasonic Voice Editing Software (for Panasonic IC Recorder RR-US361/360); may be saved to a computer using the "Convert to Mail Transfer Format" function in the Panasonic Voice Editing Software; also known as a VM1 file.

Because the VM1 format can only be played using Panasonic software, the Panasonic Mini Player (VS2_VM1_Player.exe) should be included with any VM1 files sent to another user.

Open With

IconPanasonic Voice Editing Software (included ...

IconPanasonic Mini Player (VS2_VM1_Player.exe)

Updated 2007
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference