File Type Generic IconPoser Model Preview File
File Format Proprietary (Smith Micro)
Usage Open manually; may be referenced by an application
Rank ★ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

The Windows version of Poser saves preview images of 3D models created with Poser as RSR files. These images appear as thumbnail previews in the Library palette. Each RSR file has the same filename (besides the extension) as the file it represents.

Important: RSR files can only be read by Poser versions 5 through 7 on Windows computers.

Info About Smith Micro Poser

Poser is a 3D character design program used for creating realistic 3D characters and animations. The program includes a large selection of predesigned human and animal figures, as well as related accessories, such as hair, clothing, and props. The program also supports custom lighting and can import motion capture files that can be applied to animations.

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Updated January 2, 2010