File Type Generic IconSafeHouse Private Storage Volume
File Format Proprietary (PC Dynamics)
Usage Open manually
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An SDSK file is an encrypted archive created with SafeHouse software. It is saved as a virtual disk and can only be opened by entering the correct password. Once an SDSK file has been opened, it displays files and folders in the standard Windows Explorer interface. The volume can be locked again by clicking the "Close Volume" button in the SafeHouse Explorer window.

Info About PC Dynamics SafeHouse

SafeHouse is a file privacy and protection program used for securing sensitive data. It creates encrypted volumes that require a password to open. Users can add files and folders to SafeHouse volumes, then lock the volume to prevent access to the data. SafeHouse volumes can be saved on hard drives, USB memory sticks, network servers, and DVDs.

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Updated December 27, 2010
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference