File Type Generic IconMiradi XML Project File
File Format Proprietary (Benetech)
Usage Open manually
Popularity ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆  Rare

An XMPZ file is a project created with Miradi and is saved in an XML format. It contains environmental planning data, such as environmental threats, targets, and goals. An XMPZ file is similar to an .MPZ file, but saved in XML for compatibility purposes.

Info About Benetech Miradi

Miradi is a software program used for managing environmental conservation biodiversity projects. It is a joint venture between the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) and Benetech. Miradi includes a step-by-step interview feature that allows users to enter project data by answering a series of questions. Users can then plan, monitor, and create reports for each project.

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Updated December 1, 2009
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference