File Type Generic IconZoom Player Playlist
File Format Proprietary (Inmatrix)
Usage Runs when opened
Rank ★ ☆ ☆  Uncommon

Playlist format used by Zoom Player, a DVD and media player for Windows designed to work with home entertainment systems; saved in a text format that uses custom tags to define information about each item in the playlist.

The ZPL Play List format includes the following tags:

  1. AC - Active file (the last one to be played)
  2. NM - The filename
  3. DR - File duration in seconds
  4. TT - File description
  5. TG - File genre
  6. TR - Track number
  7. TL - File language
  8. TA - Artist name
  9. TB - Album name
  10. TY - Production year
  11. TH - Author's name
  12. TE - File's encoder
  13. TC - Comments
  14. TU - File URL
  15. TO - Copyright information
  16. FD - Forced duration (for slideshows)
  17. BR! - End of file

All the tags except the AC, NM, and BR! tags are optional.

Open With

IconInmatrix Zoom Player

Updated July 15, 2008
Information from the PC File Extensions Reference