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1. What is the PC Help Center?

The PC Help Center (formerly the "Sharpened.net Computing Help Center") contains answers to common questions related to computers and the Internet. It serves as a knowledge base of information about a variety of computing topics. The knowledge base continues to grow over time as more answers are added.

2. How do I browse or search for answers in the Help Center?

You can browse questions by topic using the categories at the top of the Help Center home page and each category page. You can search for answers using the search box in the top-right section of each page.

3. Can I submit a question for inclusion in the Help Center?

Of course! In fact, all the questions answered in the Help Center have come from visitors just like you. To submit your question, please use the contact page.

4. Will an answer to my question be posted on PC.net?

Due to the amount of questions submitted to PC.net on a daily basis, I cannot guarantee that I will post a response to your question on the website. However, I do my best to select and answer the best questions I receive. Therefore, if you think you have a good question, let me know!

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